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Online Betting Platforms Identified as Major Channels for E-Fraud in Nigeria, Causing Billions in Losses for Local Banks
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On-line Betting Platforms Recognized as Main Channels for E-Fraud in Nigeria, Inflicting Billions in Losses for Native Banks — CasinoGamesPro.com

Nigerian banks reported losses in extra of ₦9.5 billion to digital fraud over the previous eight months,…

BetMGM and Entain Granted Free Bets to Problem Gambler to Cover Online Games’ Technical Glitches, Lawsuit Alleges
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Norwegian Banks Can Do Necessary Job as A part of Authorities’ in Prevention of Playing-Associated Hurt and Debt — CasinoGamesPro.com

Otoritas Perjudian Norwegia, Lottstift, berbagi bahwa lembaga keuangan lokal, seperti financial institution dapat memainkan peran utama dalam…